Sevenoaks Smart Home Great value home automation and home entertainment including Ultra HD TV, hidden speakers, multi-room audio and home cinema. Plus we will come to your home. For a free, no obligation consultation call your local store or fill in the form below for further details.

Whether you’re after a streaming movie system, wireless music, intelligent lighting control, dedicated home cinema room or the best Ultra HD TV professionally hung on the living room wall, invisibly connected to surround sound wireless speakers, Sevenoaks Smart Home can install it for you, fuss and mess free. We do it, from the initial free, no obligation consultation, a complete, clean installation through to the finished result without a wire or cable to be seen.

Who we are and what we offer

Sevenoaks Sound and Vision is the UK's premier audio-visual retailer. With over 40 years of making customers happy both through our high street shops and online, we stock all of the TV, smart speakers, hi-res audio, home cinema and Hi-Fi leading brands.

Is my home suitable?

We can put together a system that will more than satisfy your needs. Our most common installation is to place a flat screen TV on the wall, but in a way that it blends in with the surroundings and without any ugly cables dangling around. Enjoy movies – we can add in a surround sound speaker system that can be enjoyed by all. It doesn’t matter if you live in an apartment, multi-storey mansion or a terraced Victorian house; we can design a system that will give you pleasure for years to come.

What about budget?

No job is too small or too daunting for the Sevenoaks smart home installation team. Take one of the superb new Ultra HD TVs and have it installed discreetly on the wall with the cables and satellite box hidden away and with a modest speaker system conveniently placed to give the maximum impact for movies but not dominating the room. With today’s high quality equipment, you can get a top notch system that is extremely good value for money. Once we know your requirements we can give you a good idea of what you could expect to pay for the system of your choice.

The question is when…

Ideally if you are renovating or redecorating, this is the best time to speak to our designers because we can fit in with your contractors to install the system with the minimum of disruption. If you want a simple system, we can be in and out in a day.

Will it be easy to use?

You can forget about losing the remote down the back of the sofa, most systems these days are controlled by your smartphone or tablet, it makes life much simpler. Plus we can offer free home visits, no obligation consultations and quotes. For further details, call your local store or fill in the form below. TOP

Home automation A smart home is no longer science fiction, you can have an affordable, sophisticated and intelligent system linking AV, lighting and security, all controlled from your smartphone or tablet.

Automated or smart homes are no longer the stuff of science fiction. OK so you may not want a fridge that orders your milk when you are running low (it is possible) but at an affordable level, you can have an incredibly sophisticated and intelligent system linking lighting, security and home entertainment, all controlled from your smartphone or tablet. What's more, our designers ensure that the systems are as eco-friendly and green as they possibly can be.

Smart home technology

Smart homes use highly sophisticated automatic systems for simplifying using home entertainment, lighting, temperature control, security, window and door operations, and loads more functions. While audio visual and home entertainment systems are Sevenoaks' speciality, we are just as happy to build in other automation systems as well.

Intelligent lighting control

If ever there was a perfect partner for a cracking, nicely spec'd movie and music system, it's a sophisticated lighting control system. An intelligent lighting system can control all types; incandescent, low voltage and fluorescent through to the latest generation of LED's. What's more, the system can be controlled via an app or via a single wall touch pad that takes care of both lighting and AV. Dim the lights and roll the film!

Multi-room music throughout the home

One of our most popular home installations is a system that provides top quality music throughout the home. Carefully installed without a wire to be seen, a multi-room system will let you listen to music wherever you have a speaker plus you can all be listening to different sources at the same time: streamed music, internet radio, CD or music from your own library.

And movies too!

Very soon that flexibility can easily extend to movies as well, with the likes of the newly promised Ultra HD services such as BT Ultra HD as well as the forthcoming Sky Q that will give you recorded programmes and films to a multitude of devices throughout the home. Our systems can link together as many sources as you want for example satellite TV and games.

Do it yourself?

Nowadays, video multi-room systems are extremely complex and even simple integration can be difficult. It always helps to think ahead before installing a system because it causes the minimum of disruption. If you are renovating, this is a perfect time to talk to us about a multi-room system and if need be, we can work with your architects, contractors and electricians to ensure that a system is integrated as quickly and as discreetly as possible. TOP

WirelessWe're talking wi-fi not old-fashioned radios – this has transformed how we enjoy our entertainment as well as making once expensive, complex systems, more flexible and easier to assimilate into our homes.

The beauty and simplicity of wi-fi allows us to have a music-in-every-room system with the minimum of fuss and without the need for chasing out walls to conceal connecting cables.

At the heart of any wi-fi home system is the router, which unfortunately is not always up to the task so we would recommend replacing that before we do anything else. Of course like many home entertainment systems you could do it yourself but you will get a more robust and reliable result if you trust the set up to the professionals.

Which speakers are best for me?

There are a multitude of wireless speakers and systems, some more suited for the tasks than others. Sure, they are convenient and relatively easy to set up for a multi-room system or a surround sound system to accompany your TV. But your individual needs, and the constraints of your home, may mean that there are other options worth considering. That's why we offer our no obligation free home visit so that we can best assess your requirements. For further details, Call your local store or fill in the form below.

Music + movie providers

Our installation experts will not only advise on systems that suit you, but we will also help you choose the best system for accessing your music and movies. This really is an ever-changing game, with Hi-Res music and Ultra HD movies becoming more accessible and affordable. NAS (Network Attached Storage) drives are a convenient way to store your music and movies, but the range available really is The Good, the Bad and the Ugly and we're happy to help you find the right one. Or maybe you prefer one of the streaming suppliers for accessing a vast array of tracks, artists and films.

Again, we can help you choose the best.

Wireless v wires

Wireless is great but for the ultimate in quality, it is still difficult to beat a cabled system even if we do have to cut a few holes in the walls to hide them. Sure, a wired system is more complex and costly to install but if you want quality over convenience, then going wired is a sensible option. What's more we guarantee that any renovation to the home, such as where we have had to run cables through walls or under the floor, will be put back as good as new. TOP

Ultra HD TV Back in the day, a TV was something rare and expensive! Now we can enjoy movies and TV catch-ups on a highly affordable, thin as a biscuit 50in or larger screens with superb HD quality.

The pace of television technology recently upped a couple of gears to deliver great new features and awesome levels of picture quality.

We now have incredibly thin, huge, attractive screens to secure on our walls that include contrast-rich, wide viewing angle OLED (Organic Light Emitting diode) technology making for compelling viewing. Also there's high dynamic range (HDR) technology producing unprecedented colour saturations that are more dynamic, vibrant and natural than anything seen before.

The huge surge in 4K UHD (Ultra High Definition) resolutions (which offer four times the resolution of older HD TVs), as well as vast improvements in smart TV interfaces means that the TV you bought a few years ago has already been replaced by something bigger, brighter, more affordable and offering better value than ever before.

What size is right?

With today’s ultra crisp, high resolution images, there's no need to sit several metres away from a screen. The only constraint to screen size is really how much space you have on your wall. And here's some more good news, thanks to narrower frames around the picture areas (bezel), you are getting much more picture on the screen. A slightly aging 42in screen takes up about the same amount of wall space as a much more attractive, modern 50in screen. What’s more if you like your movies in your face, and who doesn’t, you only need a viewing distance of a couple of metres to get the full HD impact of a 50in screen.

Which are the best brands?

Quite frankly TVs are of such a standard these days that it is difficult to find a duffer. But we would recommend that you come into a Sevenoaks Smart Home store to see for yourself the picture quality and styles. You may prefer the curved Ultra High Definition Samsung range, or the incredible colour of the LG OLEDs, while Sony and Panasonic each have their own equally impressive characteristics. Our Smart Home specialists will be only too pleased to show the options available on today's big screens. TOP

Home cinema Watching movies is one of life’s great pleasures but going to the cinema is often not such a great night out. So bring the magic of cinema to the comfort of your own home, with knock out HD sound and vision.

Many of us dream of a dedicated home cinema and to get started, you don’t need much more than space – loft, basement, spare room or garage, we've done them all. With fantastic, revealing cinema-style surround sound, hi definition projector on a giant screen, nicely styled seating and subtle lighting, you won't find a reason to ever go to your local multiplex again.

We've even installed popcorn makers and bar fridges to complete the experience!

Smart lines

Gone are the days that when you needed to have the brains of the system taking up valuable space in the same room as your screen. Home cinema control systems are sophisticated beasts and can be tucked away out of sight, in a basement or if you prefer, in some attractive built for the purpose, furniture. Everything, and we mean everything, can be controlled from your Smartphone, tablet or touch pad.

Speaker options

Whether you decide to go for a family-friendly TV on the living room wall or a sophisticated dedicated cinema room, there are a wealth of speaker combinations that we can install – 3, 5, 7 or even 11. One of our most popular arrays includes speakers hidden away in the ceiling – they look the part and are incredibly effective.

Dolby Atmos and DTS:X: the new immersive technologies

The new Dolby Atmos and DTS:X surround sound formats add overhead sound effects to your home theatre. Both deliver surround sound with far greater realism than previous formats but the set up is complex employing an array of up to 11 speakers; This is one very good reason why it's always worth getting the job done professionally.

Sevenoaks was a launch partner of Dolby for Dolby Atmos and the first in the UK to have the technology installed in all of our store demonstration rooms. TOP

What we do Confused about what home entertainment system you want? Our experts know everything there is to know about home installation, just tell us what you like to watch and hear and we can take it from there.

There's no need to get tied up in the technology for a home installation system; for us, it's all about bringing you a set-up that you will enjoy, and with the minimum of disruption.

Our Sevenoaks Smart Home specialists have designed and fitted literally thousands of systems across the UK, with budgets from a couple of thousand pounds to well over one hundred thousand pounds. So you can see why we say that we are confident that nothing will surprise us!

Here is a brief outline to give you a feel for what you can get for your budget. Of course this will depend on the level of equipment you decide to choose and the state of your home; whether we are starting from scratch or whether you are already refurbishing your property or even if it is a complete new build.

Your budget

Whatever your budget, we can design and install a system that will suit your needs and keep you and the family entertained for years to come. Our experts can give you a good idea of a cost after asking just a few simple questions about your home. Here are some examples of popular installations that we carry out.

TV on the wall

Flat, Ultra HD TV hung on the wall, with cables boxed in and concealed and a modest, 5.1 surround sound speaker system.

Hidden speakers

A similar set up but with a fuller sound and larger screen. Speakers hidden away in the ceiling all cables chased into the walls, and the heart of the system concealed in an attractive cabinet beneath the TV and your room put back together just as it was before except now with a knock out system to excite the family.

Dedicated cinema

Dedicated home cinema room with projector, large screen, top of the range AV Dolby Atmos receiver and an array of up to 11 speakers and lighting control.

Muiltiroom Hi res music and movies

Superb quality, combined wired and wireless multi-room system with music in every room, full on Ultra HDTV large screen in the living room, supplementary screen in the bedroom, concealed ceiling speakers in the living room and kitchen, complete lighting control throughout.

Commercial Services

The Sevenoaks Smart Home design team is used to working with commercial partners just as much as homeowners. We are always happy to talk to architects, interior designers, developers and electricians at an early stage of a proposed building project. This means that our expertise can be called on before the construction or renovation work begins so that any requirements for an installation can be incorporated into the plans. TOP

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